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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically-grounded solutions to enduring geopolitical problems

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Europe has always been shaped by an order – or orders. Historically, most of these have been internal to the continent, though over the past one hundred years external powers have become more prominent. Today, we once again find ourselves in the force-field of competing orders: the European Union, Brexiting Britain, Trump’s USA, or Putin’s Russia. Many of these actors are themselves internally conflicted about their place in the world and their attitude to Europe.

At this time of exceptional flux, the Centre for Geopolitics is convening events which bring together leading academics, policy makers, analysts and business people. The aim of these events is to explore various facets of future European orders(s), allow intellectual exchange, create networking opportunities and produce concrete outputs and policy impact.  The formats include recurring events such as annual non-hierarchical meetings of academics, NGOs and grass root activists to discuss concrete steps for a bottom up approach of European integration, and an annual high-level roundtable bringing together key decision makers from politics, business and civil society to explore visions for the European continent. In addition, the European orders project also organises thematical conferences, talks and lectures throughout the year focusing on specific political, economic or cultural challenges and chances for the European order.

A new programme, the Baltic Geopolitics Programme, is being launched within this research strand.  

People specialising in this area

Professor Brendan Simms Professor Brendan Simms