As part of the UK Union Programme, the Centre for Geopolitics is bringing to Cambridge those who have been at the heart of the UK Union’s recent history to further understanding of both the longer history of our Union, and what might lie in its future.

Lord Jack McConnell was First Minister of Scotland 2001-2007, UK Special Representative for Peacebuilding 2008-2010, and he has been a member of the UK House of Lords since 2010. He was a Member of the Scottish Constitutional Convention 1989-1998 and General Secretary of the Scottish Labour Party 1992-1998, and in both roles played a crucial role in shaping the initial devolution settlement. From 1999 to 2011, Jack McConnell was an elected Member of the Scottish Parliament. Before his election as First Minister in 2001, he served as Minister for Finance from 1999-2000 and Scotland’s Cabinet Minister for Education, Europe and External Affairs 2000-2001.

Discussant: Professor Mike Kenny, inaugural Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge

Chair: Dr Hugo Bromley, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Centre for Geopolitics, University of Cambridge


Diplomacy, Security

Global Germany

Monday 10th June, 2024

Global Germany

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