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Call for Papers

15 January 2021

Applied History and Contemporary Geopoltics - Call for Papers

We invite proposals for a new seminar series on ‘Applied History and Contemporary Geopolitics.’

This Institute for Historical Research Partnership Seminar Series is convened by the Engelsberg Applied History Programme;...

University of Cambridge launches Baltic Geopolitics Programme

6 January 2021

The Centre for Geopolitics at the University of Cambridge is launching a Baltic Geopolitics Programme with the aim of increasing understanding of the geopolitics of the Baltic and the UK's role in it, which is particularly important in the context of the UK leaving the EU. 

The Programme’...

Event report - One Belt One Road: Train Wreck or Masterstroke?

15 December 2020

China’s “Belt-and-Road Initiative” (BRI) is Beijing’s largest and most ambitious foreign policy project in recent history. Some view it has the country’s path to global domination. Others point to its underlying weaknesses and inherent contradictions. Only this week, the Chinese foreign ministry...