Russia in Baltic region / Contest of Continental and Sea Powers in Baltic region

When: 1 – 6 July 2024; application deadline: 28 March 2024

Where: Vilnius University (Lithuania)

For whom: 20 undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students within humanities or social sciences from Cambridge (POLIS, History, Modern and Medieval Languages, English, Economics, Law, History of Art, Architecture, Music)

Organised by: Faculty of History, Vilnius University and The Cambridge Centre for Geopolitics


About: The principal purpose of this summer school is to widen the pool of Cambridge students and academics with knowledge and experience of Baltic geopolitical issues. The programme aims to awaken interest in the subject and increase the possibility of students at all levels deciding to focus on Baltic geopolitical subjects as they move forward in their academic career. The event will add experience to academic study by providing the opportunity both to look at questions of intellectual interest in a slightly deeper and more informal context and to develop interests which might otherwise have not been explored. Moreover, this summer school would build potentially strong networks with people in the region. Our programme will include lectures, panel discussions, museum and archive visits, and a day trip outside Vilnius. Students should have reached a threshold level of ‘regional literacy’ connected to the Baltic Sea region.



  • 300 GBP contribution towards costs in Lithuania.
  • Travel costs will be met by the participants individually.
  • Please inquire at your faculty / department and college about available travel funds for summer school attendance or specialist training.
  • Participants will be responsible for any visa arrangements. Please inquire about visa requirements for non-EU citizens.


Further information:

  • Number of places: 20
  • Housing: in Vilnius, Lithuania (more information about accommodation and catering will be provided for selected participants)
  • Detailed programme and pre-reading: will be provided for selected participants We hope to share the outcome of applications around mid-April.



Submit the following documents to Elvira Tamus (Research Assistant, Cambridge Centre for Geopolitics) at by Thursday 28 March 2024:

  • proof of university admission / course enrollment (you can request such a document from your faculty of college administrator with a recent date, or via CamSIS: go to ‘Academic’ – ‘Request a verification letter’ – ‘Sign in to Digitary’)
  • statement of intent including a short description of what aspects of the Baltic region you are interested in and how this summer school would enrich your understanding of Baltic affairs (400-500 words, double spaced, *doc format)


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