In the talk, Olivia Cheung will present the main findings of The Political Thought of Xi Jinping, the new book she co-authored with Steve Tsang for Oxford University Press. She will offer a contextualized interpretation of the meaning of Xi’s major doctrines and concepts on Chinese politics, economy, society, and foreign policy. It is argued that the vision of Xi Thought can be distilled into two core elements or ambitions. The first is to create “one state, one people, one ideology, one party, and one leader.” The second is to make China great again and better than any other country in the world. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of China’s direction of travel under Xi and its implications for China and the world. 

About the Speaker:

Olivia Cheung is Research Fellow of the China Institute at SOAS University of London. She is the author of Factional-Ideological Conflicts in Chinese Politics: To the Left or to the Right? (Amsterdam University Press, 2023) and co-author of The Political Thought of Xi Jinping (Oxford University Press, 2024). Her current research project is on China’s Global Strategy. She previously taught at the University of Warwick, where she was Course Director for the MA in International Politics and East Asia. She obtained her DPhil at Oxford where she was a Swire Scholar and a Rhodes Scholar. 

This event is organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. 



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