Public Panel 2 – Rights, resources, and representation in the Indo-Pacific

With over ten elections occurring in the Indo-Pacific this year, equitable access to the polls, representation for minorities, and freedom for journalists will shape the politics of the future. The ability of a country to democratically choose the next leader not only depends on, but also impacts the human rights of its people. Given this context, understanding rights for women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ people, migrants, and more is vital to ensuring the protection and prosperity of people throughout the region. This session is for everyone from the academic to the activist. Join us to discuss the latest advances in rights-related practices in the Indo-Pacific, as well as key areas where action is critically required.

  • Isabelle Cockel, University of Portsmouth
  • Bill Hayton, Chatham House
  • Anna Tan, King’s College London
  • Eva Pils, King’s College London
  • Moderated by: Timothy Hildebrandt, London School of Economics

Please note that this agenda is not yet finalised. Verbiage and content might be adjustedand we will continue to add speakers as they confirm. 

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