Public Panel 1: Security in the Indo-Pacific

Security in the Indo-Pacific has never been as far-reaching and unpredictable as it is today. Chinese activity in the South China Sea and vis-a-vis Taiwan introduces new risks for global strategic stability. The careful balance of powers between India and Pakistan could tip at any moment. North Korea’s proliferation of nuclear weapons poses a growing threat to the Korean peninsula and beyond. And yet, with the emergence of cooperative response mechanisms and policy pivots to the East, security in the Indo-Pacific has also never been as talked about and analyzed. Join us to explore the most pressing security issues—and solutions—facing the Indo-Pacific in the upcoming decade.

  • Che-Chuan Lee, Institute for National Defense and Security Research 
  • Hans Tung, National Taiwan University 
  • Sheen Seong-Ho, Seoul National University 
  • Astrid Nordin, Kings College London
  • Moderated by: John Nilsson-Wright, University of Cambridge 

Please note that this agenda is not yet finalized. Verbiage and content might be adjusted, and we will continue to add speakers as they confirm. 

Part of the Indo-Pacific Roundtable 2024. Please refer to the events listings page here to sign up for the other panels.



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