Public Panel 5 – Authoritarianism, democracy, and stability

What does a global shift towards authoritarian practices mean for the Indo-Pacific? How will the elections of this year influence the years to come? As the Indo-Pacific undergoes a period of rapid change, elections will result in either solidifying democracy or solidifying power. For example, earlier this year, Taiwan’s elections were a success in terms of their freedom and fairness, while Indonesia’s consolidated power in the current regime. Once more, the Indo-Pacific provides a varied environment for understanding how government systems can withstand the pressures of a modern era. Meanwhile, important government stability remains increasingly elusive for many countries. Join us to dive into the most critical question on the Indo-Pacific: can democracies survive authoritarianism?

  • Kerry Brown, Kings College London
  • Ben Bland, Chatham House
  • Olivia Cheung, University of London, SOAS
  • Verna Yu, University of Oxford
  • Moderated by: Ja Ian Chong, National University of Singapore 

Please note that this agenda is not yet finalised. Verbiage and content might be adjustedand we will continue to add speakers as they confirm. 

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