One of the key questions that has been asked on the rise of China is how to define and assess its increasing global influence on the region and the world. The Centre for Geopolitics is pleased to host a talk with David Rennie, the Beijing Bureau Chief and Chaguan Columnist of The Economist, on the topic of China’s ambitions for the world order.

Speaker Biography:

David Rennie joined The Economist in 2007 as European Union correspondent and Charlemagne columnist, based in Brussels. From July 2010 to July 2012 he was British political editor and author of the Bagehot column, based in London. In the summer of 2012 he moved to Washington DC. He was Lexington columnist 2012-17, and Washington bureau chief 2013-2018. In May 2018 he moved to China as Beijing bureau chief and launched the Chaguan column on China in September 2018. He is the co-host, with Alice Su, of the Drum Tower podcast, launched in late 2022.

Previously he was on the foreign staff of the Daily Telegraph, with postings in Sydney (1998), Beijing (1998 to 2002), Washington DC (2002-05) and Brussels (2005-07). From 2006 until he joined The Economist, he was also a contributing editor of the Spectator magazine. He worked for the Daily Telegraph in London (1996-98), and the Evening Standard (1992-96). He won the 2010 UACES/Thomson Reuters “Reporting Europe” award. The Asia Society awarded the 2023 Osborn Elliott Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Asia to David Rennie and Sue-Lin Wong for their coverage of China. David Rennie is a contributing panelist on “1A”, NPR’s daily news talk programme, based at WAMU in Washington DC.

Venue: Gillespie Centre, Clare College, CB3 9AJ




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