Exit polls for the 2024 Indian elections predict a landslide win by the BJP. However, numbers are never enough to understand what has led India to this point or the effect of these results on the next five years.  

How will this election impact India’s status on a global stage? Will it shape India’s emerging role throughout the Indo-Pacific? And, domestically, will it increase concerns over rights, freedoms, and communications for India’s most vulnerable? 

Join us to hear from experts on Indian politics as they discuss how issues from rising power to rising populism will impact India’s “now” and future. 


Panelists include: 

  • Prof. Adnan Naseemullah, King’s College London 
  • Prof. TV Paul, McGill University 
  • Chaired by: Janani Mohan, University of Cambridge



Indo-Pacific Roundtable 2024: Authoritarianism, democracy, and stability


Indo-Pacific Roundtable 2024: Security