The Centre for Geopolitics is bringing together a panel of experts to discuss Hong Kong’s changing international role and its possible implications for China, Asia, and the World. Hong Kong is traditionally known as a gateway between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the rest of the world. However, as the PRC becomes increasingly confident and assertive on the regional and global stages, Hong Kong is facing stiff competition from mainland Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing to remain China’s foremost financial and economic hub. Meanwhile, with the PRC government drawing Hong Kong tightly into its orbit in recent years, and Hong Kong’s pursuance of a ‘Zero Covid’ strategy, Singapore might have a chance to build closer links with the West at Hong Kong’s expense. Reassessing Hong Kong’s role in the diplomacy, economics, and geopolitics of a changing Indo-Pacific region is more necessary than ever before.


Professor William Hurst (Cambridge, moderator)

Dr Gordon Cheung (Durham)

Professor Steve Tsang (SOAS)


Diplomacy, Economics, Human rights

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