The world has been a globalised one, yet its regional division is still deeply rooted among many of us. Hong Kong, in this case, has always been categorised as part of the East Asian framework. Recent scholarship has attempted to break through this regional conception. Scholars, in particular historians, have considered how this city engaged in networks across regions. Ideologies, migrants, economies, and so on became subjects of transregional studies. This roundtable session will consist of scholars who have examined Hong Kong’s transregional history. It aims at illustrating the city’s importance to the world’s intertwining networks, be they historical or contemporary. Speakers will share how they began their transregional research on Hong Kong and why this city matters in networks beyond East Asia. Participants will consider not only how Hong Kong engaged in these networks, but also how this city contributed to, influenced, or even shaped forces that have transformed the contemporary world, including the Cold War, decolonisation, and the politics of Greater China.

Moderator: Professor William Hurst (University of Cambridge)


Professor John Carroll (University of Hong Kong)
Dr Peter Hamilton (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)
Dr Denise Ho (Yale)
Professor Elizabeth Sinn (University of Hong Kong)


Diplomacy, Economics, Human rights

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