The Indo-Pacific Roundtable 2023, Panel 3

Over the last few years, the UK has sought to increase focus on and engagement with the countries in the Indo-Pacific region, both politically and economically. Britain’s ‘Indo-Pacific tilt’ reflects a strategic shift in the UK’s foreign policy priorities towards the region and the latest strategy in the government’s ongoing Global Britain policy. Driven by the growing economic importance of the region, the rise of China, and the UK’s desire to strengthen its global role after Brexit, Britain’s ambition is to become, in the words of the 2021 Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy “the European partner with the broadest and most integrated presence in the Indo-Pacific.”

Join us for a discussion on the rationale, risks, and preliminary results of Britain’s ongoing attempts to play a larger role in the Indo-Pacific.


  • Ms Catherine West MP, Shadow Foreign Minister (Asia and the Pacific)
  • Lieutenant General Doug Chalmers, CB, DSO, OBE, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge
  • Chair: Professor William Hurst, Centre for Geopolitics



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