This panel discussion will assess the results of the 05 May Northern Ireland Assembly elections and will reflect on what this might mean for politics and society in Northern Ireland and the wider islands in the context of the UK and Europe.

Speakers will reflect on: the current political and economic landscape in Northern Ireland (and the island of Ireland); the Protocol; the meaning of a Sinn Féin victory; the prospects of an Executive being formed (and the alternatives if the lights remain off in Stormont); the prospects for a unification referendum; and more.

Our panelists will include:

Michael D’Arcy, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Cross Border Studies. Michael has supported the work of the IBEC-CBI joint business Council and has been central to North/South economic interactions for the past 30 years.

Freya McClements – Northern Editor with The Irish Times and co-author of Children of the Troubles: The Untold Story of the Children Killed in the Northern Ireland Conflict, winner of the best Irish-published book at the Irish Book Awards 2019.

Lisa Claire Whitten, Research Fellow in Politics, Queen’s University Belfast on the ESRC-funded project on “Governance for ‘a place between’: the Multilevel Dynamics of Implementing the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland”.



Witness to the Union: Lord Jack McConnell

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Witness to the Union: Baroness Arlene Foster