Patrick O. Cohrs’ will talk about his new book, The New Atlantic Order.

Following the age of imperialism at the dawn of the “long” 20th century, a new world order” emerged out of the First World War, which was fundamentally transatlantic in nature. Yet it proved impossible to forge a durable and legitimate peace in Paris in 1919. This work explores the shift in conceptions of peace and order that occurred then and still influences the way we think of these terms today. It argues that the transatlantic relationship remains as relevant as ever to Europe, the US and the world – and that illuminating the origins of the 20th century’s New Atlantic Order is thus crucial for understanding the current global order.

Patrick O. Cohrs is Professor of International History at the University of Florence. He specialises in the history of modern international politics. His work focuses on war and peace and the transformation of the transatlantic and global order in the 19th and 20th centuries.



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