In this webinar, assistant professor Daniela Cammack will speak on democracy and law-making in Ancient Greece. She will discuss the terminology and conceptualisations of law (nomos and thesmos) and their relationship to demokratia, both internally (within democratic poleis) and externally (among poleis) in archaic and classical Greek contexts. Her talk will address topics such as how ‘geopolitics’ was conceptualised in Ancient Greece and the relationship between ‘rule’ and nomos/thesmos in an ancient Greek context. Daniela will be joined by the Centre’s deputy Director, Professor Bill Hurst, who is convener of the Ancient Geopolitics series.


Daniela Cammack is an assistant professor of Political Science, affiliated in Classics, at the University of California, Berkeley. She received her PhD from Harvard University in 2013, and has held positions at Harvard (Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows), Stanford (visiting research fellow), and Yale (visiting lecturer and assistant professor). Forthcoming books that she has authored include Demos: How the People Ruled Athens and A Short History of Democracy, both published by Princeton University Press. Her research interests include the history of political thought (ancient to modern), ancient Greek and Roman politics, democracy, and representation.



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