This panel discussion will bring together international scholars of the Second World War and the Holocaust to explore the links between these events and share research on Holocaust education and commemoration.


  • Opening Remarks: Dr Eamonn O’Keeffe, Centre for Geopolitics
  • Dr Daniela Ozacky Stern, Western Galilee College – ‘The Forest as a Theatre of War: Jewish Partisans during The Second World War’
  • Dr Yaron Pasher, Western Galilee College – ‘Holocaust versus Wehrmacht: How Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ Undermined the German War Effort’
  • Dr Boaz Cohen, Western Galilee CollegeĀ  – ‘Teaching WW2 and the Holocaust in the 21st Century’
  • Dr Gilly Carr, St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge – ‘Holocaust Heritage Sites’
  • Moderator: Professor Danny Orbach


Diplomacy, Security

Global Germany

Monday 10th June, 2024

Global Germany


Geopolitical risk analysis study group

History, Law

Ancient Geopolitics: Ancient law for modern politics