What considerations go into a state’s crisis response? As wars and conflicts around the world force Britain to act, how can, and should, the government, military and humanitarian sectors coordinate? What are the tensions inherent in these situations? Our discussion will follow our simulation event, which explores an imagined transboundary humanitarian and political crisis set in the Middle East of the near future that sets off a chain of challenging events which ultimately extend into Turkey, the Mediterranean, the EU, and the UK. As complex humanitarian crises are increasingly a feature of international politics, by simulating the UK response we can also reflect upon–and critique–the decisions taken by our leaders and their consequences.

Join us for a frank discussion on crisis responses in humanitarian disasters from a distinguished panel of practitioners and policy makers who have themselves dealt professionally with the UK government’s, military and humanitarian aid responses. With wide-ranging personal experience from these domains, our panel participants will share their reflections and opinions on the tension between security and humanitarian support in times of geopolitical crisis.  


Speaking on the public panel will be:

  • Claire Clement – Director International Law and Policy, British Red Cross 
  • Sir David Lidington – Former UK Lord Chancellor 
  • Lt Gen (retd.) Doug Chalmers – Former UK Deputy Chief of Defence Staff 
  • Isabelle McRae – Centre for Geopolitics, Cambridge University