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Baltic geopolitics programme graduate student research seminar 23 June 2021

On 23 June the Baltic Programme at the Centre for Geopolitics held its first graduate research seminar on Baltic Geopolitics.  John Freeman, PhD student at Cambridge University, presented his research on the outward perspective of the Dukes of Courland in the 17th century.  Ida Christine Jorgensen of the University of Portsmouth outlined the history of Swedish and Danish contestation for the Sound Tolls over 300 years.  Michela Romano, a Master's graduate of the University of Bologna discussed her work on transnational Russaphone culture in Estonia and Latvia, whilst Naman Desta, PhD student at Cambridge, presented research on the idea of a Nordic Nuclear Weapons Free Zone.  The seminar was chaired by Professor Brendan Simms.   

You can learn more about the Baltic Geopolitics Programme and the Baltic Geopolitics Network on our website.