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Dr Arian is a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Geopolitics, a College Research Associate at King’s College and its Silk Roads Programme at the University of Cambridge, and for the academic year 2023-2024 a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Nizami Ganjavi Centre, University of Oxford. She holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Groningen and has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of History of Science at the University of Erfurt, a lecturer in international relations at the University of Erfurt and the University of Groningen, and a visiting scholar at the Department of Global History at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), the Department of International Relations at Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador), and at the Orient Institute Beirut of the Max Weber Foundation (Lebanon).

Her research focuses on the histories and theories of international relations, religion, encounters, diplomacy, connectivities, historical and intellectual entanglements, questions of metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, and practices of knowledge formation and their interlinkages with the realm of politics, the exercise of power, and the institution and governance of political orders in the Islamicate/Eurasian world and the Indian Ocean region. Dr Arian’s research is characterised by interdisciplinarity and cuts across the disciplines of international relations, history, history of science, philosophy, anthropology, and literature.



Peace building

The changing geopolitics of the Middle East and the prospects for peace


Episode 22: How ‘revolutionary’ are the protests in Iran?

Friday 23rd December, 2022

Episode 22: How ‘revolutionary’ are the protests in Iran?

Suzanne and Ali discuss the current protests with Dr Anahita Arian, from the Centre for Geopolitics.  


Women, life, freedom: A feminist revolution in Iran and beyond?