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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically-grounded approaches to enduring geopolitical problems.

The WME programme consists of four research strands that address developments and key issues for the formation and maintenance of a durable peace in the Middle East. Through the organization of various events and activities, these four research strands offer interdisciplinary understandings and analyses of various contemporary and historical questions that affect the prospects and potential for regional peace and security in the Middle East. The four research strands of the WME programme are:

  • Geopolitical Dynamics and Regional Security – Analysis of ongoing international and regional geopolitical dynamics and events and how they affect the prospects for robust peace and security in the Middle East.
  • Women, Peace and Security in the Middle East – Analysis of the significant role, position, and inclusion of women across the Middle East in any regional peace process, and how their participation can be guaranteed. Recognition of the fact that no peace is durable without the inclusion and participation of women.
  • Climate Change Cooperation and Regional Economic Integration – Analyses of opportunities for regional economic cooperation and integration and climate change mitigation cooperation as crucial vehicles for the establishment of a durable peace and regional integration.
  • The Past in the Present: Lessons in History – Analysis of regional history and how this conditions contemporary regional geopolitics next to analyses of what lessons various regional and international historical events relating to war and peace, practices of diplomacy, and peace processes can offer for contemporary questions of peace and security in the Middle East.