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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically grounded approaches to enduring geopolitical problems

Events in 2023

9 March - From World War I to the 21st Century: The history of women’s role and activism in peace processes, diplomacy, and human rights in international politics

2 March - Boundaries of Expertise: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the professionalisation dilemma      

26 January - Women, peace and security in the Middle East

Events in 2022

8 November - Women, life, freedom: A feminist revolution in Iran and beyond?

Events in 2021

3 June - The New Geopolitics of the Middle East – Back to the Future?

31 May - Europe and the Middle East: bystander or active partner?

24 March - Israel and the Gulf: a new chapter in Middle Eastern politics?

Events in 2020

2 July - Foreign Intervention in Middle East Geopolitics

22 June - Making Sense of the Intermeshed Conflicts of the Middle East

3 June - Geopolitics of the Middle East: Learning from past failed peace settlements and negotiation formats

4 March - Questions-and-Answer session Prince Turki al Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the United Kingdom

28-29 February - Michael Axworthy Memorial Event

18 February - John Sfakianakis, Chief Economist Gulf Res. Center, Riyadh, speaks on political uncertainty and instability in Middle East

Events in 2019

12 December - From War to Peace? U.S. National Security and the Future of the Middle-East

20 November - Mass Atrocities and Peace Building in the Middle East: prospects for a Westphalia for the Middle East with UN Special Adviser Adama Dieng

8-9 November - Exploring the Jerusalem Question: Historical Approaches to Shared Sacred Spaces

24 October - Iran ‘sans frontieres’: influence, war-fighting and geography in the Middle East

11 October - The Military Operation to Capture or Kill Osama bin Laden: A Case Study in Presidential Decisionmaking

27 June - Russian Foreign Policy in the Middle East

25 February - The Hijaz: The First Islamic State

16 January - Stopping War in the Middle East

Events in 2018

30 October - London book launch for Towards A Westphalia for the Middle East in the House of Commons

9 October - The role of France in guaranteeing a new Middle Eastern Peace settlement

Events in 2016

16 Feruary - Talk with Dr Michael Axworthy