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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically grounded approaches to enduring geopolitical problems

The Global Strand allows us to explore themes which impact how states relate to each other, recognising that multilateral organisations, transnational movements, finance, climate, health, trade, technology, resources, development, crime, and terrorism cut across state boundaries and geographical regions. It is led by Professor Bill Hurst and Suzanne Raine.

Throughout our programming we consider these issues within the context of our geographical area research. This strand also allows us to think about cross-cutting issues and their impact through events and networking, with the aim of bringing together figures from business and industry, academia, government, and the wider general public.

We make the most of our position within the University of Cambridge to make connections between disciplines and show how they impact on each other. This autumn we will be launching our new “Geopolitics and…” programme which will feature conversations with academics from different departments of the university to examine how their research interacts with, is dependent on, or has the potential to change, geopolitics.