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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically-grounded solutions to enduring geopolitical problems

The Centre currently operates the following programmes:

Engelsberg Programme for Applied History, Grand Strategy and Geopolitics

The Engelsberg Programme for Applied History, Grand Strategy and Geopolitics was launched in October 2018. It represents a unique partnership between the Centre for Grand Strategy at the War Studies Department at King’s College London and the Centre for Geopolitics at Cambridge University. The...

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Visiting Scholars Programme

The Centre offers a limited number of Visiting Scholar posts for serving members of Her Majesty’s Government assessment community. These posts are for one term only and are designed to enable the Visiting Scholar to conduct a specific piece of research on a geopolitical topic of strategic...

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Nightmare Lecture Series

The Nightmare Lecture Series, created by the Centre for Geopolitics, invites leading thinkers and practitioners in the area of geopolitics to reflect upon their own personal “nightmare” scenarios for humanity: the greatest potential man-made disasters that could be on the horizon in the near future...

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Strategic Simulations

Each year the Centre for Geopolitics runs a strategic simulation exercise. Bringing together former leaders (including past secretaries of state, party leaders, ambassadors, and senior military officers) with serving officials, post-graduate students and leading academics we examine a notional but...

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