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Hubertus Jahn Lunchtime Talk
On 21 January 2020, Dr. Humbertus F. Jahn gave a lunchtime seminar to the Forum on Geopolitics on understanding the cultural, behavioral, and historical factors influencing contemporary Russian politics. 
Beginning with a illustrative overview of Putin's image, Dr. Jahn explained the various myths and historical legacies that previous Russian states had utilized to legitimize their rule. Referencing Stalin and the Great Patriotic War, Dr. Jahn illustrated how these motifs were again called upon by Putin to legitimize his style of authoritarian rule. Dr. Jahn then explained how these historical myths not only legitimzed rule, but formed Putin's own world view and formed the core of how he viewed Russia's role in the world. Dr. Jahn concluded his talk with an illuminating discussion of why these historical myths had psychological purchase in Russia today - and why they continued to legitimize political power in Russia.  Following the talk, participants coming from academia, business, and the UK diplomatic world engaged in a lively discussion on these themes for the remainder of the lunchtime seminar.