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During a difficult period, Malta was a central Mediterranean partner for Britain in navigating challenges posed by the Financial Crisis, the Arab Spring, and the migration crisis. And since the Brexit referendum of 2016, the Mediterranean scenario has become even more complicated, particularly with a deteriorating conflict situation in Libya, and the prospect of increased migration flows into Europe.

Dr Gonzi will ask whether post-Brexit Britain continues to have a role in the Mediterranean, and if so, what could this be.  Given its dual role in the EU and the Commonwealth as well as its historically close ties to Britain, the Maltese perspective is instructive for understanding how the post-Brexit vision of ‘Global Britain’ will play out in this important region.    

About the speaker:

A former Prime Minister for nine years (2004-2008; 2008-2013), Lawrence Gonzi transformed Malta into a modern and dynamic European country.  During his premiership, Dr Gonzi retained the Finance portfolio while guiding Malta through an economic restructuring process ahead of Malta’s adoption of the euro in January 2008. In his second term he successfully steered the economy during the most severe global economic crisis (2007-2013). With a political career spanning twenty five years, Dr Gonzi occupied several positions prior to becoming Prime Minister including Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Social Policy and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020 - 17:30 to 19:00
Event location: 
The McCrum Theatre, Corpus Christi College