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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically-grounded approaches to enduring geopolitical problems.
  • 28Jun

    A roundtable discussion on the attitude of the V4 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) towards the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • 16Jun

    The war in Ukraine has underlined the world’s continued dependence on fossil fuels, despite plans to shift to a non-carbon economy. At COP 26 President Biden spoke about historic investments in clean energy, cutting US greenhouse gas emissions by over a gigaton by 2030.

  • 15Jun

    The war at sea, during which the allies first stemmed the Axis tide and then turned it, has long been recognised as a central aspect of the Second World War.  But was it decided by traditional large-scale fleet engagements, as some claim, or by a steady process of attrition, as others argue?  How important was peacetime p

  • 09Jun

    This event will explore critical contemporary trends in the Indo-Pacific: rising nationalism, soaring inflation, pandemic recovery, and changing security dynamics, especially in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • 07Jun

    Patrick O. Cohrs' will talk about his new book, The New Atlantic Order.

  • 06Jun

    Switzerland imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia after it launched its military aggression against Ukraine. The step has made international headlines and has sparked questions as to whether Switzerland is still a neutral country and how these decisions affect its overall foreign policy.

  • 27May

    The world has been a globalised one, yet its regional division is still deeply rooted among many of us. Hong Kong, in this case, has always been categorised as part of the East Asian framework. Recent scholarship has attempted to break through this regional conception.

  • 25May

    This panel discussion will assess the results of the 05 May Northern Ireland Assembly elections and will reflect on what this might mean for politics and society in Northern Ireland and the wider islands in the context of the UK and Europe.

  • 25May

    Unfortunately, we need to postpone this event till the autumn due to Covid.

    It is of the deepest importance to try and determine what England is, before guessing what part England can play in the huge events that are happening."

  • 20May

    Notwithstanding the fact that almost 80 years have passed since the end of the Second World War, Nazi collaboration remains one of the most uncomfortable questions to ask.

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