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The wider Middle East has seen over the last two decades a variety of shifting poles of influence, and even more differing ideas as to what those poles are. Some have posited the ‘Sunni Alliance’ against the ‘Shia Crescent’; others have posited different, less essentialist labels. Following the beginning of the Arab Uprisings in 2011, yet more groupings were formulated in terms of analysis, describing the region as divided between states that were pro-revolution, and those that were anti-revolution; while other analysis insisted that such generalisations missed glaring contradictions. In recent months, yet more shifts have taken place regionally, particularly against the backdrop of a new American administration, and knock-on effects among American allies in the region, which have preceded other moves. Dr HA Hellyer, a visiting fellow at the Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge, and a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC, offers his own thoughts and reflections at what is truly at the base of these shifts, and how they all connect to an overarching question of ‘unfinished business’ in the aftermath of the colonial era in the region.


Speaker: Dr Hisham Hellyer, Senior Associate Fellow, The Royal United Services Institute (London) and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (DC)

A Carnegie Endowment scholar and author focusing on politics, international studies & religion, in the West and the Arab world, Dr H.A. Hellyer FRSA is Senior Associate Fellow in International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute and visiting Fellow at Cambridge University's Centre for Islamic Studies, based between London and DC. He is currently on the steering committee for a multi-year EU project on “Radicalisation, Secularism and the Governance of Religion”, which brings together European, North African, and Asian perspectives with a consortium of 12 universities and think-tanks. Dr Hellyer was a nonresident Fellow at the Centre for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in DC and Research Associate at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University. While his main academic home is politics and international studies, Dr. Hellyer has published widely in religious studies, especially in terms of religion and modernity, and contemporary Islam. His main area focuses remain the West, and the Arab world. He has authored several books and monographs, and has contributed more than 25 book chapters and journal articles to various presses.


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Thursday, 3 June, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30
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