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Watch the video of the panel discussion. The momentous events of the past few years have had enormous implications for the Baltic region, and for Britain’s role there. Noting its historically important role in the region, our panel will ask whether the UK will be able to sustain its role into the future, and if so in what ways?  The critical part played by the UK in deterring Russian aggression through NATO might come under increasing strain, especially if the eventual form of Brexit leads the EU (including Poland and the Baltic States) to tilt against the UK. In the context of a perceived shift in American politics, at least under former President Trump, away from the article five commitment to her western allies, we explore whether the region might become more dependent on London, so reverting to historical geopolitical patterns, or will London become more dependent on the region? 


Dr Maria Mälksoo, Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent. She is the author of The Politics of Becoming European: A Study of Polish and Baltic Post-Cold War Security Imaginaries (Routledge, 2010). Her most recent article on NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence is available here

Sir Richard Shirreff, Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe. He is the author of 2017: War with Russia: An Urgent Warning from Senior Military Command (Coronet, 2016)

Anna Wieslander, Director Northern Europe, Atlantic Council. She has written extensively on the security of the Baltic Sea Region

Chair: Rt Hon Charles Clarke, Former Home Secretary


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Wednesday, 10 March, 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
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