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Centre for Geopolitics

Providing historically-grounded solutions to enduring geopolitical problems

The Centre has been working in new ways to address the ways the current pandemic will impact geopolitics.  You can read more about our plans in the letter from our directors and the subsequent update.

Conversations Website

We are pleased to have launched a new, global  "conversations" website to foster discussion amongst the academic community and practicitioners about the many ways the world order will be changed by the crisis.  Please do visit the site, and join the conversation. Current discussions cover a wide range of topics, here are just a few:

Cancelling VE Day: What are the potential obstacles and opportunities for states using historical memory as soft power in the Covid-19 era?

What do past pandemics tell us about the likely impact on the international order?

How will the epidemic impact the EU?

Does China pose a moral hazard in the international society?

What fallout from export curbs on medical supplies? 

Online Events

We have also begun hosting online panel discussions.  Check our events page to find out about future discussions and register to attend.  

Or, visit our video page to watch a panel you've missed.  

Graduate Student Discussions

We are also offering online discussion groups for MPhil and PhD students from the University of Cambridge, students from any discipline with an interest in geopolitics are welcome.  You can view the discussion group and register for the event via this link (Raven login required, participants must be University of Cambridge students). 

Online Publications

Special Report: COVID-19 Impacts Chinese Buddhism, State Control, and Soft Power

Strategic Note on Religion & Diplomacy

Will COVID-19 Cause a Religious Recession?

Is the MENA Region Becoming Less Religious?